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Dunman Grand Review

dunman road 2 Review
Overall, based on the above analysis, we would give an overall score rating of 6.5 out of 10 for Grand Dunman as it has good proximity to amenities and potential for resale and rental yield. However, the lack of information regarding leasehold tenure and selling price per square foot make it difficult to provide a definitive rating.

Blossoms By The Park Review

Blossoms by the Park at one North 1
Overall, Blossoms by the Park is an attractive option for potential buyers looking for a condo in a prime location with good resale potential. Its proximity to amenities and future developments in the area are significant advantages that make it worth considering. We would give it an overall score of 8/10.

The Botany at Dairy Farm Review

The Botany at Dairy Farm by sim lian singapore
Overall, The Botany at Dairy Farm offers a desirable location near nature spots while providing easy access to public transportation options like Hillview MRT station. The range of facilities available caters to different needs across various demographics making it ideal for families looking for a mid-sized development with lush landscapes. Suitable for small to medium-sized families with attractive pricing relative to other developments in the area like Hillion Residences or Parc Clematis, The Botany at Dairy Farm represents a good investment opportunity.

Tembusu Grand Review

The Tembusu Grand Tower Blocks
Overall, Tembusu Grand is an attractive condo project with a great location and solid potential for resale and rental yield. Its proximity to amenities and future development plans in the surrounding area make it a desirable investment option. Therefore, we rate it 8/10.

Lentor Modern Review

lentor modern new launch condo facade Review
Based on my analysis and ratings above, I’d give Lentor Modern Condo an overall score of 7/10. It has excellent access to amenities and public transportation while having reasonable pricing compared to other condos within District 26 standards with similar facilities but without direct MRT access like this one does. Additionally, with its potential resale value and rental yield coupled with upcoming developmental plans in its vicinity makes it an attractive option for those looking at buying a new launch condo in Singapore’s OCR region with quick capital appreciation over time despite being sold under leasehold tenure.

Copan Grand Review

Copen Grand EC Review
While Copen Grand offers convenient access to transportation hubs and schools as well as reasonable sale prices, buyers should consider its leasehold status when evaluating its long-term value. However, with planned development in the region and moderate potential for resale and rental yield, Copen Grand could still be an attractive option for those seeking affordable housing.

The Reserve Residences Review

The Reserve Residences Mall Impression
The Reserve Residences scores high in terms of proximity to amenities, future developments, potential rental yield, and resale potential. Its leasehold tenure might be a slight drawback for some buyers looking for freehold properties. However, given its strong selling points, it remains an attractive investment option in the Singapore property market.

Mattar Residences Review

mattar residences singapore pool Review
Based on my analysis of the above factors, I would rate this condo project a score of 8 out of 10. The proximity to amenities and resale potential factor received the highest scores, while sale PSF price and potential rental yield were slightly lower due to higher competition and average rental yields in this region. However, with several upcoming developments planned by URA for this area, there is potential for appreciation and growth in the future.

The Continuum Review

The Continuum Condo Impression
The Continuum is a freehold development in District 15. Freehold properties generally have better potential for capital appreciation compared to leasehold properties as they don’t have a fixed lease period that may devalue the property over time.